Dead and Company

Dead & Company is an American rock band that was formed in 2015. The group consists of former members of the Grateful Dead, including Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann. Along with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti, the band is known for their live performances that feature classic Grateful Dead songs and new material.

Dead & Company is a continuation of the Grateful Dead legacy, which began in the 1960s. The band is known for their eclectic mix of music, which includes rock, folk, blues, and jazz. They are also known for their live shows, which often feature improvisational jam sessions that can go on for extended periods of time.

The band's members are all accomplished musicians in their own right. Bob Weir, the lead guitarist and singer, is a founding member of the Grateful Dead. He is known for his distinctive voice and intricate guitar work. Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann are both drummers who played with the Grateful Dead for many years. Their rhythm section provides the backbone of Dead & Company's sound.

John Mayer, the band's lead guitarist, joined Dead & Company in 2015. He is a multi-platinum-selling artist in his own right and brings his own unique style to the band. Oteil Burbridge is the bass player, and he is known for his melodic playing style. Jeff Chimenti is the keyboard player and brings a wealth of experience to the band, having played with a variety of musicians over the years.

The band's live shows are a testament to their talent and musicianship. They play a mix of Grateful Dead classics and new material, often stretching songs out into extended jam sessions. The band is known for their ability to connect with their fans, who are known as "Deadheads." The band's fans are some of the most dedicated in the music world, and they follow the band on tour around the country.

Dead & Company has released several live albums over the years, including "Live/Dead & Company," "Playing in the Sand," and "One More Saturday Night." These albums capture the band's live energy and showcase their improvisational skills.

In addition to their music, Dead & Company is also known for their charitable work. The band has donated proceeds from their concerts to various organizations, including the Rex Foundation, HeadCount, and the Seva Foundation. They also support environmental causes and have worked with organizations like The Nature Conservancy.

In conclusion, Dead & Company is a band that has carried on the legacy of the Grateful Dead. They are known for their live shows, which feature classic Grateful Dead songs and new material. The band's musicianship is top-notch, and they are some of the most talented musicians in the music industry. They have a dedicated fan base that follows them around the country and a commitment to giving back to the community. And while Dead & Company is a band whose music will the test of time, they are embarking on their farewell tour in 2023. We look forward to seeing what comes next...